Team Members Status: Volunteer

  • Carole Olinger

    Carole Olinger

    I’ve been pretty open lately about my mental and physical health issues. This is so important to me because it took me some time to realise that there is nothing to be ashamed of: nobody ever actively chooses to have to deal with a chronic disease, right? It’s very dear to my heart to contribute […]

  • Leo Gopal

    Leo Gopal

    Leo, formerly founder of WPHugs, holds the upliftment of Mental Wellness as a goal close to his heart. Been involved across the spectrum of WordPress for over 10 years, he finds his passion in writing and teaching.

  • Alex Juchniewicz

    Alex Juchniewicz

    Alex is a California native who now lives in Houston, TX with his family. Having worked with WordPress since 2010, he has had the opportunity to work for some of the top WordPress companies in the community such as Pagely, Pantheon, Valet (formerly WP Valet), cPanel, and SkyVerge, where he grew personally and professionally dealing […]

  • Cory Miller

    Cory Miller

    I’ve been sharing my mental health story publicly since 2015. Part of my life mission is obliterating the stigma of mental health. I am so excited to be a part of WP&UP and its efforts in the WP community.

  • Laura Nelson

    Laura Nelson

    Laura is the Marketing Manager at Pragmatic – a Brighton-based WordPress agency. She’s been marketing WordPress sites for the past 7 years, and loves creating digital marketing strategies for a variety of different clients. She’s also passionate about shedding the stigma surrounding mental illness. As someone who suffers from anxiety herself, she’s keen to shed […]

  • Bridget Willard

    Bridget Willard

    Bridget Willard is a marketing consultant who brings her teaching and accounting background together to help small businesses. She began her marketing career in construction, then worked in franchise development, nonprofits, and tech. She is especially known for her brand building for Riggins Construction, GiveWP, and the Make WordPress Marketing Team.Bridget co-hosts WPblab with Jason […]

  • Nathan Wrigley

    Nathan Wrigley

    Nathan Wrigley runs the WP&UP podcast. He’s been using WordPress to build client websites over at Picture and Word since 2015. Prior to that he was a big fan of Drupal and Magento. More recently, Nathan can be found co-hosting the WP Builds podcast. WP Builds aims to keep the WordPress community updated with a […]

  • Imogen Allen

    Imogen Allen

    Imogen is a WordPress partner to introvert business owners helping them get noticed online without having to be a shameless show-off. Imogen wants to help others to make the best of themselves through learning and also writes frequently about the struggles of running your own agency. She loves being a part of the amazing WordPress […]

  • Tim Nash

    Tim Nash

    Tim is the platform lead at for their Managed WordPress product in addition to being the companies developer advocate. One day he will work out what either of those job titles means. Until he does he spends his day in a mix of dev, security, ops and project management as well as speaking at […]

  • Angie Vale

    Angie Vale

    Runs a small WordPress Agency working with specialists in web design, brand identity and marketing. With over 15 years experience working with technical teams and projects in the engineering sector, I combine super organisational skills with technical ability to create the right solution for our clients.