Introducing the WP&UP #PressForward Podcast #001

Introducing the WP&UP #PressForward Podcast #001

We introduce you to ‘The #PressForward Podcast’. It’s a new project that we hope your going to enjoy.

The idea of the podcast is to support the aims of WP&UP in offering support for members of the WordPress community.

Each week we will have guests on to talk about WordPress related things, but also to address some of the areas that don’t usually get covered, such as mental health.

In this, the first episode, we speak to Dan Maby, the founder and CEO of WP&UP about the aims of the charity and what its purpose is. We discuss at length what support WP&UP is providing and how you might get involved.

We then move on to chat with Giles Hales-Tooke. He talks very candidly about his battle with anxiety. He explains how it manifests itself and how he’s managed to stay on top of it.

Interviewed by Nathan Wrigley.

We hope that you feel able to subscribe on iTunes or whatever podcast player you’re using, and we’d certainly encourage you to share this new endeavour wherever you can.

Thanks for your support of ‘The #PressForward Podcast’.


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