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  • Dear Impostor Syndrome…

    Dear Impostor Syndrome

    An honest, open and forthright letter written by me, to me, with the hope it will help you. Dan Maby Dear Impostor Syndrome, We’ve known each other for a long time, and it’s been a problematic relationship, these conversations are never easy.  I want to be honest and open about how I’m feeling about you. […]

  • WordPress, the Community and Your Mental Health

    The Greenville meetup will feature a talk called: WordPress, the Community and Your Mental Health

    Recently I had the honour to be invited to speak at the Greenville, South Carolina WordPress Group.  Being UK based, I had two choices; jump on a plane the day after (the amazing) WordCamp Brighton where I’d also had the honour to speak or do a video link up. So 11pm I hooked up with Cliff, […]