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  • Contingency Plans for Freelancers

    Contingency Plans for Freelancers

    What happens when we go on vacation or have downtime due to health reasons? Do we have another freelancer we can count on to make sure the work is done on time? Creating contingency plans as a WordPress freelancer is a vital part of taking care of yourself — and your clients.  Emergencies and Freelancing […]

  • WP&UP Needs Your Help

    WP&UP Needs Your Help

    Image credit: @WPBristolPeeps There are a few key areas that are our current focus: Fundraising Website content Impact report Mental health survey If you’re able to dedicate any time to any one of these areas we’d be very grateful. If you’re unsure how you can help, we’d be happy to schedule a call to discuss. Fundraising […]

  • WP&UP #PressForward Campaign

    WP&UP #PressForward Campaign

    WP&UP are supporting and promoting positive mental health within the WordPress community. The team behind the WP&UP charity come from a place of experience and understanding. We appreciate the challenges, the extreme highs and extreme lows of running web and digital-focused businesses, because we are business owners in this space. We understand the potential for […]