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  • Confessions of a Manic Depressive: A Survival Guide Through the Darkness.

    Sometimes I feel like we’re in a Fight Club called Depression and the first rule of Depression is we do not talk about Depression. The first time I openly spoke about my plight of being a Manic Depressive was during my WordCamp Talk in Cape Town 2016 (from which #WPHugs was born). It was one […]

  • A Tale of #NeverGiveUP and Bouncing

    #NeverGiveUP Campaign 2019 by WP and UP

    Many of us do this, we never give up never giving up, over and over, as we move through whatever life throws at us. It’s not easy and can take a certain bravery, to keep going, to try again or pick ourselves up from whatever floors us. The following shares my tale from the first […]

  • #NeverGiveUP: Changing jobs and finding positivity

    #NeverGiveUP Campaign 2019 by WP and UP

    Our first guest post for the #NeverGiveUP campaign contributed by Simon Pollard. A story of hanging in there, getting the job done but also, indeed, not giving up when it all seemed bleak. I was working for a company on a project that two of us were assigned to. Another two developers had also worked […]