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  • Small things to make a positive change #3 – Mental Health

    For some of us that work from home, getting dressed might fall into this category, although for others this may be a big step. Falling into the routine of staying in a dressing-gown or pj’s whilst working can inadvertently have a negative impact on the way we view our circumstances. Particularly if there are others […]

  • The #PressPause mini podcast series roundup

    PressPause WordCamp podcast brought to you by WP&UP

    On the run up to WordCamp Europe 2019, WP&UP joined forces with WPMU Dev for a series for short podcasts to encourage people to attend WordCamps: #001 – Why go to WordCamp – Nathan and Micah go over why they like WordCamp as well as discussing some of their favourite moments. #002 – Making new […]

  • Anxiety: Don’t Leave Home Without It

    Tongue in cheek: but when I started thinking about this topic, I was reminded about the old American Express Tagline – “American Express: Don’t leave home without it.” Anxiety doesn’t give us a choice. It’s like your little sister who tagged along with you everywhere you went. Like many of us who have (I hate […]

  • Freelancers: It’s Okay to Say No

    Working from home may seem less important somehow and often others view your time as more flexible or, frankly, less valuable. When it comes to volunteering, it’s important to protect your business by protecting your time. This also includes your volunteer time. Volunteerism In The Open Source Ethos The goal of Open Source is to […]

  • Good enough…

    Goodness me, sometimes it is such hard work to work past the stuff in our heads, isn’t it (yes, that is rhetorical as I know I am not alone in this). Earlier this year my own confidence had become so incredibly low that in one particular project I feel everything I did was wrong or […]

  • The WordPress Community Mental Health & Well-being Survey 2019

    The WordPress Community Mental Health & Well-being Survey 2019

    Our last year Throughout 2018; 28 volunteers donated 3,302 hours of their time to help WP&UP deliver 792 hours of mentorship and companionship to members of the WordPress community, while 925 community members registered to attend a WP&UP event. On the 24th August 2018 WP&UP was granted charitable status and in early 2019 GreenGeeks and […]

  • One of us; we are all “one of us”

    Goodness, it’s harder than it seems, to write stuff quite so personal somewhere beyond one’s personal blog (and even that takes some gumption at times). My first #PressForward post was to be part of a personal month-long topic of “Good Enough” across the various blogs and online places in which I’m involved. But instead it […]

  • An Open Letter to the WordPress Community

    An open letter to the WordPress community
  • WP&UP Needs Your Help

    WP&UP impact report being spoken about at WordCamp Manchester

    Image credit: @WPBristolPeeps There are a few key areas that are our current focus: Fundraising Website content Impact report Mental health survey If you’re able to dedicate any time to any one of these areas we’d be very grateful. If you’re unsure how you can help, we’d be happy to schedule a call to discuss. Fundraising […]

  • Take time for your mental health

    Do you set aside time to look after your mental health? Do you feel buried underneath huge amounts of work, clashing deadlines or moving targets? Working in the fast-changing communications and web world can mean a culture of always-on and feeling you can never escape. Starting from World Mental Health Day (10 October 2018), we […]