Category: Mental Health

  • Grief In Isolation

    Illustrated woman sitting on a box with a cat reaching out to her

    Lockdown has been challenging for many. The extended isolation, the inability to move freely, our freedoms temporarily taken away. As humans, we have a natural desire and need for connection. We seek the warmth of others to share emotions and draw on each other for strength. Through these times millions of people are being directly […]

  • How To Support Loved Ones Facing Mental Illness

    Chronic illness is tough on caregivers; this we understand. But what about chronic mental health? We know there are professionals who work on the front lines of mental health and we’re thankful. “At least 8.4 million people in the U.S. provide care to an adult with a mental or emotional health issue.” Mental […]

  • Using Alexa for Your Mental Health

    Working remotely in the tech industry can feel isolating and cut off from people, community, and life in general. That, in turn, can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. But the very thing we work at all day – technology – can help us fight some of the mental health symptoms that we may […]

  • Light Reading for the Heavy Heart: Finding Acceptance in Authentic Imperfection

    “To be authentic is to be at peace with your imperfections.” Simon Sinek Finding fault seems to be a fault that many of us have. We strive for excellence and frown at imperfection. And yet, we are not made happy by excellence. No, perfection is a hard master. It alludes us. It teases us. Perfection […]

  • Hush the inner critic with a pile-on of love

    Sometimes our inner critical voice can be louder than usual. Times when perhaps we’ve felt judgement, heard apparent poor opinion, or have a few hiccups in life. Those times when it feels like nothing is going right. That’s the time when our inner critic steps forward. Recently, having a tough day in which I felt […]

  • The joys of January?

    Today in the UK, the third Monday of January is known as “Blue Monday” – apparently the most depressing day of the year. There is a calculation to work this out, but actually we all know that in the northern hemisphere this month is not the happiest for many of us. The dark days (even […]

  • Light Reading for the Heavy Heart: I Know Who I Am


    “I know who I am, by the nobility of my friends, the gentleness of their faces, the glory of their spears and shields. I am related to saints and kings, a monarch at some faraway court and a scribe in some monastery read about my origin from ancient books.” Desanka Maksimovic Do we wonder who […]

  • Make your own kind of mindful

    I have a confession. Previous to June 2019 I was somewhat dismissive of the whole idea of mindfulness. I felt it a fad for people that enjoyed colouring-in. Not that I’m against such things, after all I am level 1 Reiki (not attuned of late, sadly) and to some that is quite an extreme form […]

  • Default Setting: Kindness

    For some of us, kindness is automatic; we are just kind by nature (most of the time, anyway – there are moments… 😉 ). And it can be confusing at times when others are less than kind, whether to us directly or to others. But something we may then need to do, when we see […]

  • Light Reading for the Heavy Heart: Finding Harmony in Relationships

    Hear the positive voices

    ‪“Emotional interaction is a duet in which we are constantly fine-tuning our volume to match that of our fellow.” Russ Roberts ‬ Meeting new people can be overwhelming and even daunting. But the more we listen, the easier it is to blend and reach harmonies. Those of us who have been in a choir know […]