Author: Babs Saul

  • How we actually are Stronger #Together

    How we actually are Stronger #Together

    As we continue to sit on our hands with the excitement coming next week (all will become clear, I promise), today we wanted to share more about how we actually “are” Stronger #Together. What exactly can this mean, being Stronger #Together? Well, within WP&UP there are several ways that we enable this: With the Slack […]

  • Weathering this chapter with WP&UP

    Weathering this chapter with WP&UP

    Who would have imagined the time in which we currently find ourselves? Here at WP&UP we’re gathering as much content as we can to be useful for you, dear readers, to help get us all through however long we’ll be working in this new and unprecedented world. In general, we need to find a new […]

  • 8 Ways to Support WP&UP

    8 Ways to Support WP&UP

    You may have noticed an increase in talk about fundraising in the WP&UP Slack channels and in the Facebook group. Further to a meeting around how to enable fundraising by individuals and smaller organisations for whom significant donations or sponsorships are not an option, we’ve come up with a few ideas.  Some are pretty straightforward, […]

  • Hush the inner critic with a pile-on of love

    Hush the inner critic with a pile-on of love

    Sometimes our inner critical voice can be louder than usual. Times when perhaps we’ve felt judgement, heard apparent poor opinion, or have a few hiccups in life. Those times when it feels like nothing is going right. That’s the time when our inner critic steps forward. Recently, having a tough day in which I felt […]

  • The joys of January?

    The joys of January?

    Today in the UK, the third Monday of January is known as “Blue Monday” – apparently the most depressing day of the year. There is a calculation to work this out, but actually we all know that in the northern hemisphere this month is not the happiest for many of us. The dark days (even […]

  • Make your own kind of mindful

    Make your own kind of mindful

    I have a confession. Previous to June 2019 I was somewhat dismissive of the whole idea of mindfulness. I felt it a fad for people that enjoyed colouring-in. Not that I’m against such things, after all I am level 1 Reiki (not attuned of late, sadly) and to some that is quite an extreme form […]

  • Default Setting: Kindness

    Default Setting: Kindness

    For some of us, kindness is automatic; we are just kind by nature (most of the time, anyway – there are moments… 😉 ). And it can be confusing at times when others are less than kind, whether to us directly or to others. But something we may then need to do, when we see […]

  • Small Things: Give Something

    Small Things: Give Something

    Many of us can give something to others. It need not be your money or even your time. It can be something as easy as a smile, a warmth of attitude, an obvious acceptance of those with experiences beyond our own. And that something small can make another person’s day – not everyone, but perhaps […]

  • A Tale of #NeverGiveUP and Bouncing

    A Tale of #NeverGiveUP and Bouncing

    Many of us do this, we never give up never giving up, over and over, as we move through whatever life throws at us. It’s not easy and can take a certain bravery, to keep going, to try again or pick ourselves up from whatever floors us. The following shares my tale from the first […]

  • Join our Open Discussion Town Hall/AMA on Wednesday 9th October

    Join our Open Discussion Town Hall/AMA  on Wednesday 9th October

    You are invited to join in with a “town hall”, an AMA (ask me anything) open discussion with the team and leaders of WP&UP. We’ll be online at between 15:00 and 16:00 GMT +1 on Wednesday 9th October and you are all welcome. The Town Hall style is very much an open forum where […]